PHP AdWords API Lib - Product Overview

PHP AdWords API Lib is a middle-tier library that facilitates the access to the Google AdWords API from your PHP products and applications. With its simple to use object-orientated design it helps you use Google AdWords API with outstanding ease, without the hassle of investigating, designing, coding, debugging and testing your own low-level communication layer.

Don't waste your precious time - boost your development speed. Delivering high-quality AdWords enabled application fast is a viable option.

Product Features

  • Versatility
    Achieve outstanding functionality with Google AdWords API Lib. The library is a versatile tool for integration with Google AdWords API using the native SOAP extension (php 5.2+) for maximum speed.
  • Easy to use
    The library is very easy to use – and the code size needed to implement the same functionality is 5 to 10 times smaller
  • Simple to use, fast to start, even easier to maintain
    Don't just take our word for it. See the comparisons.
  • High quality
    Each and every function has been tested by automated test suit. Also each and every source code line has been carefully inspected, guaranteeing quality.
  • Time-saving tool
    Why waste time in development this middle-tier yourself, when you can concentrate on real value-adding activities?
  • Object-orientated
    The library is fully object-orientated, and is based on solid design principles. The quality of implementation doesn't fall behind either.
  • Implements ALL Google AdWords API features
    ALL functions and features of the ALL 8 AdWords web services, and ALL AdWords data types have corresponding objects within the library.
  • Full source code provided*
    Ever wanted to check the code and see how it really works? Wanted to learn great software design principles? Just read the code.
  • Quick start guide to get you up and running in 15 minutes
    The installation and the setup of Google AdWords API Lib® is a breeze. In 15 minutes you will have your first Google AdWords API enabled application running.
  • Minimum requirement checking script
    Google AdWords API Lib has a requirement checking script integrated. This allows you to check if your PHP installation meets the minimum requirements for access to Google AdWords API, including PHP versions, extensions and SOAP libraries.
  • Comprehensive documentation
    Comprehensive documentation in both HTML and PDF formats is available.
  • Examples included
    Learn by example, save even more time

Architecture Overview

The following chart displays simplified flow between your custom application and Google AdWords servers:


The PHP AdWords API Lib itself requires PHP 5.2 or newer. You will also need Soap and Curl extensions compiled in your PHP.

*With the Professional license

Google™ and AdWords™ are trademarks of Google, Inc.

PHP AdWords API Lib is in no way affiliated or endorsed by Google, Inc.